SensiDO Creative 7.0 Bleach Powder

SensiDO Creative 7.0 Bleach Powder

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Clay-based SensiDO Creative 7.0 Bleach Powder is ideal for various free-hand bleaching techniques like e.g. Balayage, Flamboyage, Ombre, Sombre or Babylights.

Non-swelling consistency allows precise and quick application without foils. Contains ammonia.

Does not dry or swell during processing time so it´s pleasant and easy to work with. Lifts up to 7 levels.
Perfume free and vegan.

Mixing ratio: 1 : 2 or 1 : 3. Use only with SensiDO Cream Developer -peroxides.

Processing time: 10–45 minutes depending on texture, developer used and desired results.

Do not leave the client unattended and regularly check the client’s hair. Do not use artificial heat from steamer or drying hood to reduce processing time.

TIP: Add Simplex Bonder to the bleaching mixture to protect and repair damaged hair bonds.

Size: 450 g


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