SensiDO Bleaching Paste


Perfume free bleaching paste. Gentle and efficient option for lightning. SensiDO Bleaching Paste is suitable for various highlighting and lightening techniques. Provides up to seven levels of lift. Our internal laboratory comparison test results showed SensiDO Bleaching Paste as the most efficient yet gentle lightening product we offer. Ammonia containing bleaching paste offers efficient lift, while oils and significantly lower pH level make product more gentle, compared to traditional lightening products.


SensiDO Bleaching Paste creamy and non-swelling consistency allows for easy and even application. The formula is enriched with mineral and jojoba-oils to protect and help smooth hair during processing time.

Adds shine and creates beautiful blonde results.

SensiDO Bleaching Paste can be used alone, as well as with SensiDO Magic Color Paste highlight color to lift and deposit at the same time. SensiDO Magic allows to lighten dark colored hair up to 6 levels and achieve a rich cool red shade in one application.

Perfume free and vegan.


Lifting level Peroxide Development time
3 levels 6 % 20 min
4 levels 9 % 25 min
6 levels 12 % 35 min


Size: 500 g


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