99/96 Ideal

99/96 Ideal

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SensiDO Cream Color

Developed and manufactured in Finland, perfume free SensiDO hair color brings amazingly vibrant and
shiny end results. To achieve the best coloring end results, perfect mixture consistency and application, use
SensiDO hair color only with SensiDO Crème Developer or Oxidant peroxides.

With SensiDO Cream color you can do permanent, semi-permanent and pastel coloring, as well as glossing
just by simply choosing different strength and amount of peroxide. Limitless creativity empowered by flawless coverage, color vibrancy and shine.

Perfume free and vegan.



Peroxide Development time Mixing ratio

Tone to tone or darker/ Grey hair

2,1 % / 3 % / 6 % 30–40 min 1:1

1 level lighter

6 % 30–40 min


2 levels lighter

9 % 30–40 min


3–4 levels lighter

12 % 50–60 min


Semi-permanent colouring 2,1 % 10–30 min



Choosing peroxide and development time:

To ensure perfect mixture consistency and application, as well as best end results, use SensiDO hair color only with SensiDO peroxides.

Closely follow processing time.

Heat speeds up color development.


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